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Where’s Sara? Spend the Day at Chambers Bay…A Pacific NW Best kept Secret When you hear someone talk about Chambers Bay most of us think of the world-renowned Chambers Bay Golf Course, home to the U.S. Open in 2015 located in University Place just south of Tacoma, Washington. What people don’t know is that the park surrounding Chambers Bay is one of the Pacific Northwest best kept secrets. Whether you want to golf, hike, bike, walk the dog, fly a kite, take the kids to the playground or explore the beach, Chambers Bay is a great place to stay and play all day! Start your day by driving to Chambers Bay (6320 Grandview drive West) and park in the public parking lot for the golf course off Grandview Drive appropriately named. The expansive views of the beautiful Puget Sound, the snow-capped Olympic Mountains and colorful, changing sky will invite you to hike or bike the 3.25 paved perimeter trail that encircles the 18 hole Chambers Bay golf course. I recommend walking counterclockwise keeping the golf course on your left. There are 2 short hills at 10% grade along the route giving you 315’ of elevation, the perfect interval to get your heart pumping. Walk past enormous stone structures that will remind you of the ancient English Stonehenge making you wonder what the history of Chambers Bay was. The land around the bay was previously used as a gravel mine owned by the Pacific Bridge Company in 1845. They were contracted by the Federal Government in the 1890’s to help build Fort Flagler, Fort Warden and Fort Casey. Remnants from the gravel mine are still there to explore. Continue your walk using the pedestrian bridge leading to the beach where you can add up to 2 miles of beachcombing if the tide permits. Complete the loop by finishing uphill to the parking lot back to your car. After a full day of play enjoy a refreshment at the Chambers Bay Grill located adjacent to the parking lot. Other features of the park include a kid’s castle playground, restrooms and off-leash dog area. So get on your way to experience a day at Chambers Bay! For more adventure ideas check out

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